omg puppy put ur seatbelt on it’s so unsafe for ur tiny lil body to not have a seatbelt on oh ur so precious i love u


Yesterday on a Reddit “Ask Me Anything”, Harrison Ford answered the most controversial Star Wars question as if he had never stopped playing the role of Han Solo. 







Well he missed a pretty god damn big one didn’t he

u fucked up, Tony

u fucked up big time

you had one job, Tony

what if he did find it though?

what if after the avengers, he just archived the data, fully intending to look at it all later, and then kind of forgot about it because he was too busy trying to tinker his trauma away?

what if after iron man 3 he got bored one day, went through his data banks, found all this damning evidence, and figured it out?

what if he found out during winter soldier and tried to contact someone, but steve and natasha were already underground, fury was faking the dead, hill was with fury, coulson and his team were being held hostage on the plane, clint was nowhere to be found, thor was in asgard, and bruce was on vacation in hawaii?

what if he couldn’t do anything about it because he’d gotten rid of all the suits?

what if he was building one from his old files and going to try to do something about it, but then jarvis brought up the news and all he could do was sit there and watch the helicarriers fall because as good as his tech was, it still couldn’t finish the armor fast enough for him to help?

what if he knew but he couldn’t do a thing to fix it?


A toast, to the proud Lannister children.

"They’re no amethysts. Are they? Are they? You lied." 
"Black amethysts," he swore. "There was magic in them." 
There was murder in them!

9 Tricks to Make Your Dialogue More Organic


Writers, take note! Some really useful tips here - I concur with all of them!

↳Donna Paulsen being sassy: 1/3

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